Sample Writing: POV 

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the question

Do you think the users of Ashley Madison have the right to privacy?

My Point of View on the question at hand

Ashley Madison is a Canadian based social network for married people to find and have affairs. The slogan “Life is short. Have an affair” says it all.

First off, it needs to be made clear that I do not agree with a website that promotes extramarital affairs, and to be honest, I felt a bit of joy when this whole scandal publicly unraveled. However, this is not the question at hand. The question is, “Do you think the users of Ashley Madison have the right to privacy?”. The simple answer here is yes. We all have the right to privacy when privacy is what we are promised. The Ashley Madison website has no cost to initially join, however, you are promised security when you make an account. A privacy breach as defined by Google as, “the result of an unauthorized access to, or collection, use or disclosure of personal information”. This is exactly what Ashley Madison is enduring. The website’s users are, though it pains me to say, victims. They are victims of unauthorized collection and disclosure of personal information. Despite all of the allegations by “The Impact Team” that Ashley Madison has weak security, is involved in human trafficking, has fake female profiles, etc. has nothing to do with the real users’ right to privacy. Regardless of how crummy a company Ashley Madison is, the users were promised security and that was breached.

Whether it is a nasty email you sent about your co-worker or that you cheated on your spouse, admittedly, everyone has had something to hide at one point in our lives. Regardless of your personal secret, you do not expect someone to exploit you because of our rights to privacy. Now, I won’t admit in this essay what “secrets” I have, but I know that if my personal information got leaked I would no longer be laughing about this breach of security.