Create a pet food line for the brand Kashi.


Today, dogs are being humanized more and more by their owners. Pets are now a part of our families and we want to feed them the healthy foods that will keep them with us as long as possible. Not all dogs can eat the same things nor do we always want to feed our dogs the same thing day after day. At times, there is a need to change up diets to cater to specific breed, lifestyle, taste, or allergies. However, finding the perfect food for your furry friend can be inconvenient, costly, and confusing.


The Kashi Kanine in-store machine.  Kashi Kanine is a healthy, convenient, customizable way to feed your pet. The Kashi Kanine machine is a essentially a granola bar for your dog. The machine has an easy to use, touch screen interface where you can enter your dog’s information that will be saved for later use using your phone number. You can either choose to customize your dog’s food blend or receive a recommended blend based on your dog’s genetic information. The dog food mixtures will consist of “ingredients with gifts” to stay in line with Kashi’s brand. The ingredients offered are a choice of three dehydrated meats, four base ingredients, and five wholesome add-ins. Once you make your choices the food will dispense into a reusable Kashi Kanine bag. 

Credits: Marissa Hardison, Conor Miranda, Jen Moody