Peter Pan peanut butter was introduced in 1928. Their peanut butter mascot is a character we all recognize and associate with the golden afternoons of our youth; Peter Pan is, after all, the boy who never wants to grow up. This has kept Peter Pan entrenched in the pantries of consumers.

Peanut butter is The Great American Staple.  "“Today, there’s little else that so easily transcends both regional and socioeconomic divides. What’s more American than that?”.

The problem:

Peter Pan Peanut Butter is the 3rd best selling peanut butter behind Jif and Skippy. Peter Pan Peanut Butter is struggling to communicate and keep their brand in the forefront of consumers' minds.


Make consumers choose Peter Pan Peanut Butter over the other two leading brands.


Yes. The economical.

Yes. The peanut butter lovers.

But mainly......

The no fuss American parent who wants to keep some experiences classic.

brand Positioning:

In a slew of food-fixated conversations and the clutter of artisanal brands, Peter Pan is the good ol’ budget friendly nut butter that you have trusted and loved over time. 


Bring Peter Pan to the forefront of our target’s mind by increasing their engagement with the brand.

Creative concept:

Nothing too fancy. Just good ol' peanut butter.

Good ol PBimage websiteIMAGE.001.jpeg



Credits: Marissa Hardison, Caitlin Murphy, Ekta Shah